We have been using our current RIS product and the results have been outstanding. The product itself is very easy to use. Work list functionality is great. From front office to technologists, the ability to drill down the work list to what each user needs is one of the best features in the market today. The scheduling and registration processes are quick and smooth. The 6 screens on the registration module make it very easy for a registration clerk to see what needs to be completed during the check-in process. Electronic payments and remittance allows the payment posters to post payments quickly and eliminate paper. The reporting module is great. The volume of “canned” reports makes it very easy for users to run reports. The ability to build profiles for commonly used reports, by user, is outstanding. The web portal for marketing is one of the best features we have seen to date.

For support, we receive quick feedback for ongoing issues, whether resolved or pending a resolution. The online “live” session tool has allowed the support team to quickly see the (user) errors as they occur by logging in to the user’s computer to get more information.

On the expense side, costs are contained because the upgrades are included in the price. No hidden costs like so many other vendors in the market place today.

Kathy Rabalais
Director, Clinic Services

RISLinQ is a feature-rich management system that drives productivity on a daily basis. Given its advanced features such as electronic billing and dashboard performance measurements, RISLinQ is light on our infrastructure requiring minimal bandwidth, and in our practice eliminating the need for a central server. The RISLinQ management and support team is always quick to implement client-specific requests for our facility and often smartly incorporates developments into RISLinQ when applicable across their client base. RISLinQ is focused on continual progress which is a critical advantage for all its clients. In the fast-changing field of radiology, management system providers must be nimble — RISLinQ meets that challenge through constant assessment and improvement.

Dr. A. Joseph Borelli Jr.
President and Medical Director

We fully implemented the RISLinQ product within our facility in less than one week’s time, the new solution not only met our current needs but also provides a solid platform for our future strategies. We chose RISLinQ for the paperless workflow as well as the robust marketing capabilities designed for 21st century challenges. View Our Video

Julie Plichta
Office Manager

Molecular Imaging uses RISLinQ in a unique way than most clients. We use it for our overall operations from patient scheduling, insurance verification, authorization, billing and collection, to reporting and financial analysis. RISLinQ offers the complete package for us to manage our patient cycle from the initial point of patient contact to revenue cycle management. We are exceptionally pleased with the ability to easily maneuver from menu to menu through various links, such as the patient name and date of service, throughout the system. For example, if you need to review the visit summary from the patient ledger, it can be done by simply clicking on the date from the ledger. Likewise, RISLinQ makes it very simple to transition from any item on the system menu to view clinical scanned documents (which we hope can become a heavily used tool by our radiologists and ancillary staff as we introduce implement the electronic medical record process).We rely on RISLinQ’s functionality on a daily basis. It is an essential tool to the operations of our business. We look forward to enhancing our relationship with the dedicated i-team of RISLinQ.”

Alice Gardner
Director, Patient Services

RISLinQ is an easy application to master, especially for first time users. It is organized and well designed.

The online training is a benefit to Managers. New personnel are able to learn the program, preventing vital staff members from being pulled away from their positions.

The patient flow is smooth from scheduling to check out and RISLinQ offers a quick and knowledgeable support staff.

Keitha Daniels
Clinical Operations Manager

Love the color options… 🙂

Sarah McMahon
Marketing Representative

I really like the multiple tab capabilities. It gives me the ability to view & work in several places at the same time. I can watch the schedule and update the database quickly.

Two new additions are the “chat with specialist” and “live support session” – these are great! I can get answers from support, or just simply ask them to call to discuss something on the phone.

The live support session” helps when trying to describe a situation, support can actually see what your seeing and guide you thru the process, right on your own PC.

Eric Schaefer
Radiology Center IT

RISLinQ and their support staff are a valuable part of the MRI at Belfair team. As a GE national show site, a development site for advanced imaging software, and the MRI leader in our market, RISLinQ’s dependability is mission critical — we can consistently count on smooth operations and support on demand.

RISLinQ’s newest management tools are fast-becoming my barometer for how the facility is performing from schedulers to technologists to radiologists — a broad range of reporting functions make for quick access to important operational data.

Mark H. Adelman, JD
Executive Director

RISLinQ, from my perspective as a Technologist, is a great roadmap for the work day. The graphic layout is easy to read and makes sense regarding our workflow, which is critical in a fast-paced clinical environment. Much of the information required to provide quality care is at my fingertips through RISLinQ.

Alisha Gillis, RT, MR

RISLinQ’s electronic billing features are critical to efficient billing. These time-saving functions increase our effectiveness for all collections by decreasing the amount of required manual data entry and providing easy means to create documentation for outside agencies, referring physicians and patients.

The RISLinQ support team is always available to me, which is real peace-of-mind for myself and our entire administrative team.

Erma Yoder
Billing Specialist

RISLinQ transcription is very user-friendly. It enables you to choose the appropriate CPT code and allows you to view other dates of service in the same window which reduces errors. RISLinQ transcription has all of the components to make transcription a success.

Teresa Bacon
Transcription Company Owner

RISLinQ has provided a very user-friendly and cost-effective patient management system. The install and implementation was flawless, as is their technical support after the sale. The whole team has been easy to work with and a valuable stakeholder in our business.

Todd Kummer
Radiology Center Owner

CORELinQ’s Customer Support is a 10 in our book; they are responsive, knowledgeable and build great relationships in servicing the customer and tackling any issue that arise.

Radiology Administrator

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